Continuous Sleeve Overview

Vertical Floating Shaft Type
The upper coupling is usually a Typical Vertical Type coupling. The decrease coupling includes a hardened crowned button inserted in the plate from the decrease hub in addition to a hardened flat button inserted while in the plate in the upper hub. The complete floating assembly rests on these two buttons which carry the excess weight on the floating assembly so preserving the spacing involving the 2 reduced hubs allowing for versatility. The hubs over the floating shaft are versatile and the hubs of the driver and driven shafts are rigid.
Brakedrum Sort
Two distinctive styles of brakedrum couplings are illustrated. 1 exhibits the brakedrum as an intergal portion with the sleeve as well as two hybs are normal. The other design and style utilizes one particular typical hub along with a common sleeve together with the brakedrum as component of the specific hub.
Brake Disc Sort
Two distinctive designs of brake disc couplings are illustrated. One shows the brake disc as an intergal component of your sleeve plus the two hybs are conventional. Another layout utilizes a single standard hub and a regular sleeve with the brakedrum as element of the specific hub.
Sliding Hub Sort
The sleeve is longer than conventional and is created to make it possible for for a predetermined quantity of axial travel on a single shaft. The quick hub is secured to the sleeve by way of a spacer washer and snap ring which prevents travel. This form is also produced to permit for travel of both hubs from the sleeve. This coupling is also out there which has a rigid sort quick hub.
Jordan Type
Used on Jordan machines and refiners, this style is comparable on the Sliding Hub Kind coupling except the extended hub is split and secured for the shaft using a bolt. This permits for speedy axial adjustment of your Jordan shafts within the hub.
Constant Lubricated Sort
This coupling is adapted from our Common Type coupling, except the conventional seals are already replaced with all the unique spacer washers. These washers possess a snug match during the sleeve with enough clearance around the hub OD to allow for injection of a steady stream of lubricant.